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This is one of the world's fastest free word counter tool that helps you to instantly count and calculate the number of words in any sentence of given length. This free word counter online application also helps in calculating the number of characters/letters for words and sentences. Just, write your sentence inside the box below and get the word and character count. The best thing about this online tool is that there is no limit of sentence/words, which means that you can count as many words/characters as much you want to.

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Write or copy/paste the text or sentence into this online word counter tool to count the number of words and characters.

What is Word Counter Tool?

Word Counter is a simple and free word counter tool developed by HowToArticle. It helps you to count the number of words or character in a sentence. This tool is very useful when we have hundreds of lines of words and we would want to calculate the count of words in them. The best part is that there is not limit in counting the number of words or characters. Therefore you can count unlimited words with this tool.

Online Word counter comes really handy while writing content particularly in publishing, content marketing, advertising, legal and business documentations. So, you will be able to determine the length of words easily for your presentation and documentation by using this free tool. It helps your text stick within the allowed limit.

You can also count the number of characters in your sentence particularly helpful for social media content creation.

Why is Free Word Counter Online Tool Important

  • Word Counter is a really important tool when you are working on a website, blog, writing an e-book, or designing a presentation document for your company, or writing an online essay for a quiz competition. All these different types of writing needs a specific amount of word count limit.
  • Word Count tool is highly useful in Digital Advertising such as Google Adwords which has character count limit for placing ads on the Google search engine. Event Facebook has words limitation in their Ads Campaign. This tool also helps social media managers to write attractive content in short and quick writings.
  • If you are a social media marketer or planning to create a social media content, it is useful to know the character count limits for each platform. Below, I have mentioned the maximum character limit for popular social platforms.

    Twitter - Upto 280 characters limit (previously it was only 140 characters).

    Facebook - Maximum character limit for Facebook is 63,206 for posts and 8000 for comments.

    Instagram - 2200 character limit for writing caption which is also limited to 30 hashtags

    Linkedin - Linkedin has different for different text formats such as 120 characters for headline, 2000 character for summary section, 100 character limit for writing the position title and 1000 character is for the description box.

  • Though you can use applications such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs to count the number of words or characters in your text, it is adviced to use a word counter tool. Because, a word counter app is not limited to a specific file format. It can be used for Facebook posts, Twitter Tweets, Instagram captions with other formats.
  • This word counter tool will work on any device, be it a computer, mobile phone or tablet. This tool doesn't require you to create a account or download the app. You can simply paste your sentence and check the word count with any need to login/register to use this tool.

Word Counter tool for SEO (improve your search rankings)

Being a Blogger, I myself very well aware of the importance of number of words in a blog post. Search engine gives priority to lengthy and more descriptive articles for ranking. The majority of article that rank on the top of search engine are lengthy written articles. I will say a healthy blog post should be atleast 1500 words. When you write long articles, you can take the advantage of targeting multiple keywords in a single article such that your blog post could rank for more than one keywords in SERP. So, by using this word counter, you can make sure that the article you are about to publish has enough amount of words in it for SEO purpose. Though, writing a lengthy article does not guarantee a top rank, but it will surely helps in coming to the top. It is a great tool for bloggers, digital marketers, and content writers. You can use it to check the number of anchor text in your blog and keyword count.

How to use Word Counter Tool

This tool is easy to use. Just type the words in the above box, you will see as you write the sentence, total number of words and characters count will be updated instantly. You can also copy the text from some other app and paste it into the above Word Counter.

This free word counter tool runs on all web browsers without any issue. Users can also use this tool on their mobile devices. This tool is useful to count number of words and characters in facebook status, twitter tweets, Instagram posts, blogs, spreatsheet documents, and so on. As, charactet count is important these days while sharing a post on social media.

Need of Online Word Counter Tool

Bloggers who write blog posts can keep track of word counts in their blog posts. This tool can be highly beneficial for SEO point of view as more bigger and quality content you write, higher the chance for that article to rank.

With this Word Counter, you can also assess your typing skills. Yes, you heard it right!!! You can set a timer of about 5 minutes suppose, and then type into the above text area of Online Word Counter and evaluates how many words you have written within that time period. In order to calcuate the averate words per minute rate, just divide the number of word written by the number of minutes (which is 5 in our case).

Word Counter tool is also useful for teachers and students to accurately measure the number of words or characters in your assignments. Teachers can check and ensure that the assignments submitted by students are of the correct length and students can do the same by checking with this word counting tool that the assignment they are submitting falls under the limited words length so that they won't lose marks.

This tool is also useful for employees working in corporate companies where the employee has to prepare a presentation or document sheet in fixed word length or character length.

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