Overview of Post List Page of Blogger Dashboard

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This blogger tutorial introduces you to the post list page inside Blogger Dashboard. Blogger is very simple to use and understand. Even though, some beginners find it difficult completely understand the Blogger Dashboard.

There are many things you can do on the Post List Page such as view lists of all your posts, saved posts, and published posts. You can also find the post you want to update, share and delete. Let me cover all of these functionalities.

How to navigate to Post List Page

  1. Sign in to you Blogger account with your registered google account.
  2. From the top left side, select your blog.
  3. Under the left side menu, click on Posts.

The above steps will take you to the Post Lists Page.

All Posts, Published Posts, and Drafts Posts.

All – Clicking on the All button will show all the posts created by you including published posts as well as unpublished posts (drafts one).

Published – Shows you the list of all published posts.

Drafts – Only those posts will be visible which are not published yet. If there is no draft post, then this button will no longer visible.

Find posts by Labels and Search

All Labels – Clicking on All Labels opens a dropdown showing all your labels. Selecting a label with show posts that contain this label.

Search Posts – Search posts allows you to find posts by searching for the title of the post. Type the title of the post you want to search for in the search box.

Edit, View, Preview and Delete Posts

If you move your mouse cursor to any of the post title, then Edit, View, Share and Delete buttons will be visible.

  • Edit – On clicking edit, this will take you to the post editor where you can make changes to your post and update it.
  • View – It will open the post URL and you will know how the post looks like.
  • Preview – Preview button is only visible for the Drafts posts. On clicking the Preview button, it will show how your post will look after publishing.
  • Delete – If you want to delete any post, use the Delete button.

View comment and view count

  • Comment Count will shows the number of comments in that post.
  • View Count will show the number of times the post is viewed.

I hope this tutorial helped you understand the Post List Page and its functionalities. Let me know if you have doubts or queries.


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