How to create your first post in Blogger

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In this Blogger tutorial, you will learn to create a new post in Blogger using Blogger Post Editor. Additionally, I will also explain about how to publish posts, save your posts to drafts, preview your posts, set permalinks for your post.

how to create post in blogger

Create New Post in Blogger

Step-by-Step detailed explanation for creating your first blog post.

  1. Go to Blogger dashboard by signing in to Blogger with your registered Google Account.
  2. After signing in, click on the New Post button.
  3. Blogger Post Editor page will open. In here, you have to write your first Blog post. Write a title for your post, In the main content section, write your blog post, and in the right sidebar there are options to add labels, and set permalinks.

Add a Title for your post

In the post title field at the top, write a relevant title about what type of post you are writing. Recommended character limit for title is 50-60 characters. Title should include your keyword you are targeting for SEO.

Write Blog Content in the content section

The content section comes with an easy to use text editor which helps you to write a structured blog post. The editor allows you to add images, align your content (left, right, and center), use headings and subheadings, add videos and add hyperlinks to your text.

Publish, Save, Preview and Close Options

Next to the title field, you will see 4 buttons – Publish, Save, Preview and Close.

  1. Publish – After completing your post, pressing the publish button will publish your post live.
  2. Save – Bloggers generally use save button, if you haven’t yet finished writing the post. So, saving the post will move it to Draft so that you can come back later and complete the post and publish it.
  3. Preview – With preview, you can see how your blog post will look after publishing. It just shows you a demo how the post will look to users, but doesn’t publish the post.
  4. Close – By clicking close button, you will leave the post editor page. Make sure you save your changes to draft before clicking the Close button.

Post Labels, Schedule, Permalink, Location and Options

At the right sidebar, you will options to add labels, permalinks, schedule your post, add location and options button.

  1. Labels – Labels are like category of your blog post. Writing a label for your post keeps your post structured. Always include at least one label per post. To create many labels, use comma – ‘,’ to separate them.  NOTE: If you are creating a post on “How to create your first post in blogger”, you can use labels like “Bloggers”, “Bloggers Tutorials”, etc.
  2. Schedule – Blogger gives you the option to schedule your post to publish at a later date and time. You can set date and time you want your post to get published automatically.
  3. Permalink – Blogger automatically generates a URL for your post by using your blog title. Though, you can set your own URL (permalink) to make it SEO friendly.
  4. Location – Set your location or add a different location.
  5. Options – Options button allows you to add additional settings with your post. You can allow/disallow comments by your readers and set enter key for line breaks or HTML <br> instead.

That’s it from this Blogger Tutorial from HowToArticle. Hope you have made yourself familiar with creating a post in Blogger. Do let me know if there’s any other doubt you have. Enjoy Blogging!!!


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