How to Change your Blogger Layout

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In this blogger tutorial, you will learn to change the layout of your Blogger blog i.e change the way how your blog looks to every visitor of your blog. Blogger allows users to customise the look of their blogger blog. It offers many layout options that you can try and apply whichever suits your need. It is easy to switch between different layouts.

Some of the popular blogger layouts people like to use are –

  • Posts content with a sidebar on the right.
  • Posts content with a sidebar on the left.
  • Some even choose sidebar on both the sides and Post content in between the sidebar.
  • Posts content with a sidebar and the footer on the bottom ( this layout is the most used one).

Additionally, there are other other layout designs which supports header and sidebar banners for placing some sort of advertisement on your Blog. So, you have some good options to choose from and give your blogger blog a desired layout.

Change Blogger Layout Easily

Important point to understand that if you are using one of the templates provided by Blogger themselves then changing your blogger blog’s layout will become more easier for you. However, if yo u are using a custom template (downloaded from a third-party website ) then this method may or may not work for you depending on the theme you are using.

Steps to Change Layout of your Blogger Blog

  • To switch to a different layout in Blogger, go to your Blogger dashboard after logging in.
  • On the left hand side of your blog, you will see the ThemeĀ tab, click on it.
  • This is the template page of your blog, where you can customise your blog, change theme and even see preview of how your blog looks in both Desktop and Mobile. To continue with the layout changing process, hit the Customize button.
  • This page will look different, this page is called as Blogger Theme Designer page, where you can apply different themes, change background, adjust width of your blog, and also change layout of your blog.
  • At the left side, you will see a Layout button, just click on it. Here, you will find different layout options for your blog as well as three layout options for footer.
  • Just click on the option which you want to apply and then save the changes by clicking Apply to your Blog button.

That’s it. This way you can change your Blogger blog layout and customise the appearance of your blog. Choose according to your requirements.

I hope you really enjoyed this Blogger tutorial. For complete blogger tutorials, check out my article – Blogger Tutorials for Beginners 2020. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and other bloggers.


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