Get YouTube Video Thumbnail Image

To get the video thumbnail image of any YouTube Video
enter the URL of the video into the textbox below.

Your YouTube URL should look like this:

How to Get YouTube Thumbnail

This free tool allows you to get thumbnail of any YouTube Video and download it. This tool checks for the thumbnail image of any uploaded YouTube on the Google's Image server. YouTube host all the images on a different server.

This YouTube thumbnail downloader tool allows you to get two high quality image - one is HD thumbnail and other one is medium qulity image.

Every video uploaded on the YouTube has a unique ID using which you can download the thumbnail image. But always remember, when you download someone else's thumbail, you are downloading the copyright material of their video. So, its better to ask for permission if you want to use it commercial use, these days publishers are happy to allow you to use their video thumbnail with some credit back to them.

You can get the max resolution thumbnail after entering the YouTube URL. Just go the YouTube video for which you want to download thumbail image, copy its URL and paste it in our get youtube thumbnail image application.


Disclaimer: This app is developed and maintained by HowToArticle and is useful to grab the thumbnail image of the YouTube videos you have uploaded on your channel. However, if you would like to download someone else's uploaded image, I will advice you to contact the Channel publisher and ask for the permission. Most of the publishers won't have a problem to share it with you.