Blogger Tutorials for Beginners 2020 | Complete Guide

This is a complete step by step tutorials guide on Blogger for any beginner who is looking to create a free blog. Blogger is the most popular and free blogging platform offered by Google. This blogger tutorial is one of the must guide for bloggers who wants to start their blogging career.


Before continuing, I want you to know why blogger has become the first choice for Beginners. I will cover all the features and limitations in the Blogger (Blogspot) blog. To know about them, read some of the important points I have mentioned below:

  • Blogger is a free blogging service offered by Google that allows you to create your own blog or website with a free domain (
  • Blogger allows you to create multiple blogs with a single account.
  • It also allows you to add a custom domain ( ). By default, Blogger users gets a sub-domain type domain (e.g – But, after adding a custom domain, you can easily redirect your old sub-domain to custom domain.
  • Zero Hosting cost – Your blog or website at Blogger hosted under the for free.
  • Blogger blogs are easy to customise. You can choose from default Blogger template or you can use a third party templates that match your requirements. There are hundreds of free templates available on the internet. Just do a google search about free blogger templates.
  • It has a simple and easy to use dashboard, that allows you to create new pages and posts. Additionally, you can also customise your blog layout, add widgets on your blog, and edit your posts using their HTML editor.
  • Users can easily monetise their blog using Google Adsense and other Ad Networks.

Note: Before getting started, I want to let you know that all the Advanced and Beginners level tutorials are included in this Blogger guide, so you don’t have to worry about looking elsewhere.

Get Started with Blogger

Getting started with Blogger is really simple. There is only one requirement which is a Google Account. Creating a google Account is very simple, head over to and get started by clicking the Create Your Blog button. If you need any assistance in creating a new Google Account, read this article on how to create a Google Account.

  • After creating a Google Account, Sign in to blogger using your existing Google Account.
  • Click on Create New Blog button.

Fill the basic information about your blog. Refer the screenshot attached below:

  • Title – Enter a appropriate title for your blog which relates to your blog.
  • Address – Enter a unique address which will be your domain of the blog. If your blog address is unique, then it will show available.
  • Theme – Choose a theme for your blog. Choose any one from the shown lists. You can change your theme later or can install a custom template later.
  • After filling the above information, click the Create Blog button. To view your blog, click View Blog visible under your Blog Title on top left side.


This is it. You have successfully created your blog. There is much more you have to learn to get used to Blogger such as how to create posts, how to change theme, how to create pages and so on. Don’t worry, I will share all the Blogger Tutorials and helpful guides here.

Blogger Tutorials and Guides

Follow the tutorials mentioned below to master your Blogger journey. Just creating a blog is not enough, you will have to learn more than that to become a professional in using Blogger. Please go through all the articles and help I have shared below to learn everything about Blogger.

About Posts:

About Pages:


  • How to Add a Widget

Other Useful Blogger Tutorials and Tricks

If you need any other tutorials and helps in Blogger, mention your requirement by filling the contact form page. I hope this complete step-by-step tutorial on Blogger helped you in mastering Blogger and moving from Beginner to a Pro Blogger user.