9 Best Upcoming Android Games to be Released in 2020

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Android gaming market has been growing rapidly, and it has become really difficult to compare which games stands at the top among the gamers. Similar to 2019, this year is also packed with some crazy lineups in the Android gaming industry. In this Gaming article, I will talk about my picks for the 9 best new and upcoming Android games releasing in 2020.

Top 9 Upcoming Android Games in 2020

1. Diablo Immortal

After gaining so much success on PC and console with Diablo Immortal 3, the game publishers have decided to launch it for mobile devices with the same name – Diablo Immortal. This game is set between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. The official release date for Android hasn’t been announced yet, but we can expect this heavyweight release soon. Along with the solo gameplay, you can also play with other players around the world in co-op multiplayer mode. Pre-registrations for Diablo Immortal are already open for Android in Google Play Store. Diablo Immortal for Android will make a lot of buzz after its release and will probably will recognised as one of the¬†best Android games of 2020.

2. Plants vs Zombies 3

The third series of Plants vs Zombies is coming very soon in 2020 for Android platforms and I am very excited about its release too, as the developers haven’t revealed much about what should be expected in this Zombie Android game. Plants vs Zombies 3, similar to its previous parts, is also a action-strategy game in which players will take on to the stronger zombies with the army of plants. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Similar to Diablo Immortal, this game doesn’t have a release date yet, but it is expected to release soon. For the time being, it is available in pre-alpha mode and you can register in Google Play to play it early.

3. Eve: Echoes

Eve: Echoes is one of the highly anticipated new Android game to be launched in 2020. It is a massively multiplayer online game based upon the design principles of hallmark EVE. In Eve: Echoes, players will make their own path to victory in a huge space sandbox environment making alliance with other pilots around the galaxy. The entire story will be created by player from interstellar combat, exploring universe, trade, rising or falling from an empire, There are more than 100s of unique ships players can choose to fight and invade a territory. This android game is still in beta mode and a stable version will be released soon.

4. Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earch is an Augmented reality game just like we saw in Pokemon Go. Minecraft Earth will allow you to build structures with other players and place them on real locations at life-size. If you are a 90s kid who loved playing LEGO games building block, then this game will be a dream-come true for you. It will have similar mobs and new mobs, you can also create unique mobs and use them to populate your neighbourhood. Minecraft Earch has an early access release already in the android play store market  and full version is expected to be launched somewhere in 2020. This Android game is one of my favourite in the list of top upcoming Android games releasing in 2020.

5. Levelhead

Levelhead is build by the same team who was behind the making of one of the best crafting RPG games on mobile. Its a 2D platform game where players create their own levels and share them online for everyone to play. WOW!!! Isn’t it an awesome concept. There are more than 60 elements players can use to create their levels including hazards, enemies, weapons, power-ups and much more. The great thing about this game is that its a cross-platform supported i.e levels created on Android devices will also work on iOS and PC devices. Single player and multiplayer options (upto 4 players) are included in the game.

6. Cat Quest 2

The sequel to Cat Quest is fast-paced open world action RPG android game where you can play both as a dog and cat. There a massive world players can explore filled with dungeons, monsters, and hundreds of main and side quests. In the game, cats and dogs will join forces to fight a bigger threat and save the world. This game is definitely on my wish list of the best upcoming Android games of 2020. Currently there’s not much information about the release date, but its confirmed this mobile game is about to release on 2020.

7. Dragon Quest Walk

Minecraft Earch is not alone in the Augmented Reality concept games. Currently, the Dragon Quest Walk game is available in Japan and has earned the tag of second best AR game after Pokemon Go. Its a location based game which features many battles and mechanics from the Dragon Quest series. I am very much sure the game will be released outside of Japan because of its popularity and the huge amount of revenue it has already made. Still, this game has earned the reputation of one of the most awaited Android games of 2020.

8. Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a Castlevania-inspired action-platform game coming for Android in 2020. Players will explore an ever-changing castle and fight their way through its residence. We can expect an intense action in this game with a constant death threat over your head. The combat system is similar to soul games but in 2D. You will have to learn the patterns of monsters and bosses in order to defeat them. I can’t wait to play this awesome 2D graphics game. Pre-registration of the game is already started in Play Store and the game will be released in third quarter of 2020.

9. APEX legends

One of the most popular battle royale games is coming to Android soon. There’s no official announcement of dates from EA as of yet, but we can expect the launch of this Android game anywhere in the middle of 2020. Without any doubt, this game is one of the most anticipated Android games that is yet to be launched in 2020. The game is a free-to-play FPS game where 60 players are dropped on a battlefield where they scavenge for loots, weapons, ammo and foods, where the ultimate goal is to be the last man standing.

That sums up the list of 9 best Upcoming Android games releasing in 2020. I am curious to know which new Android game are you looking forward to play in 2020. Let me know in the comments below.


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