How to Take Backup and Download your Blogger Blog

How to Take Backup and Download your Blogger Blog

If you are looking to download your Blogspot blog content, then you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial, I will show you the simple steps that are required to take backup of your Blogger Blog and save it to your computer.

how to download blogger blog easily with two simple steps

Reasons why you should consider taking backup of your Blogger Website

  • First and the foremost important reason is for the security purpose. Every now and then, I have heard people talking about their blog or website has been hacked or attacked. Even a while back, one of my friend lost his complete Blogger website because someone hacked his Blogger account and stole all the blog’s content and even deleted it from the website. However, if this hasn’t happened to you yet, still its better to be safe by keeping your blogs content backup up.
  • Another common reason for taking the backup of your blogspot website is that many times you have to make changes into your template/theme code. It is always advised to download the template before making any changes in your website template, so that you can easily revert back to the previous changes if the new changes you did have broken something in your blogger website.
  • If you are considering to use a different template, then it is always a great idea to take backup of your original theme before installing the new template or theme.

If you are looking to move your blogger blog to self hosted WordPress website, then read this how-to guide on how to transfer Blogger to WordPress in quick and easy way.

Download Blogger Blog Completely on your Computer

Your blogger blog consists of 2 major parts – “Blog Content” and “Blog Template”.

If you want to take a complete backup of your blogger blog, then its a good idea to download and follow both these methods. In this Blogger tutorial, I will cover both of them. So, follow the mentioned steps below.

#1. Backup Blogger Blog Content

  • First, login to your blogger dashboard if not logged in.
  • At the dashboard, go to Settings -> Others.

Go to Settings and then click Other

  • Just below the Import & back up, click the Back up Content.

Click Backup Content

  • This will open a popup, which display the content backup will download.

Backup up Blogger Content by click save to your computer

  • Click the Save to your Computer, which then begins the download and save the .xml file to your computer (generally in the downloads folder).

#2. Backup Blogger Template

  • Login to the Blogger dashboard.
  • Go to the Theme section.
  • At the top-right corner, you will see Backup/Restore button. Click on this button.
  • A theme backup/restore popup will open.

click download theme button under Backup / Restore

  • Click the Download theme button to download a backup of your Blogger theme.
  • This will start the download and save the theme on your computer.

Thank you reading this article. If you guys have any issues while downloading your Blogger blog, please let me know in the comments section below.

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