How to Submit WordPress Site to Yandex Webmaster Tools

How to Submit WordPress Site to Yandex Webmaster Tools

This WordPress tutorial teaches you how to submit your WordPress site to Yandex Webmaster Tools to optimize your site for Yandex search results. To expand your blogs reach, it might be a great idea to consider other search engines like Bing and Yandex beyond Google.

Yandex is a popular search engine that offers similar services like Google and Bing. Yandex has a “Yandex webmaster tool” for webmasters similar to Google Webmaster tools and if we add our website and submit the sitemap to it, then it will be beneficial for SEO purposes.

Before submitting your site to Yandex, you must have a sitemap file. If you don’t have yet, read this article on How to Create a Sitemap file for WordPress site.

How to Submit WordPress site to Yandex Webmaster Tools

Step 1: Create a Yandex Account

First, you need to create a Yandex Account. Click on this link to sign up for a new account.

create Yandex Account

Step 2: Add your Website to Yandex

After creating the account, visit this page and click on Add site button as shown in the screenshot below.


Enter your website’s URL in the “Site address” field and then hit the Add button. Make sure you enter the complete URL of your website with or without www or HTTP/HTTPS version.

Step 3: Verify your site

Now, you have to verify your website ownership. In the next page, you will see HTML code (meta tag) that you need to add to your website. In WordPress, there are few ways to verify your website ownership with the webmaster tools. I’m discussing two methods below. Use any of them to verify your site’s ownership with Yandex. 

verify your site

a.) Using Yoast SEO Plugin

If you’re using Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, then it has a feature for verifying your site with different search engines and Yandex is one of them.

On your WordPress admin area, go to SEO > General. Under Webmaster Tools tab, and enter the meta code value in the “Yandex verification code” field and click Save changes. (see screenshot below)

add yandex verification code to WordPress

b.) Paste the meta tag in the header.php file

Alternatively, you can paste the complete meta tag inside the <head></head> tag of your header.php files.

Go to Appearance > Editor. On the right side, Under Theme Files, you will find your Theme Header (header.php) file. Click on it to open it.

open header.php file

You have to paste the meta tag inside the <head> tag. You can either paste it just below the <head> tag or just above the </head> tag. I’m pasting the code above the </head> tag. (see screenshot below)


You have successfully verified your WordPress website with Yandex webmaster tool.

Step 4: Go back to Yandex

Go back to the Yandex verification page, click on the check button. This is it. You’ve added your website to Yandex Webmaster Tools. It’s time to move to the final step.

Step 5: Submit Sitemap to Yandex Webmaster Tools

This is an important step every website owner needs to do after submitting their site to Yandex. It’s time to submit your XML sitemap to Yandex Webmaster Tools.

NOTE: If you’ve created the sitemap using Yoast SEO plugin, your sitemap URL would be like this – Alternatively, it could be If you’re not sure of your Sitemap URL, just visit both the links on your browser, whichever shows the XML generated file is your website’s sitemap URL.

To add sitemap on Yandex, click on Indexing > Sitemap files on the left side menu.


Enter the sitemap URL of your website and click Add
add sitemap file to yandex

It will start processing your sitemap file just like other webmaster tools. Yandex webmaster tool will take some time maybe a day or two to process your sitemap and start showing indexing status.

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