How to Mount or Unmount ISO Images in Windows 10 or 8

How to Mount or Unmount ISO Images in Windows 10 or 8

This Windows guide shows you how to mount or unmount ISO images (file) in Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 without installing any third-party software.

An ISO Image is a file that is an exact copy of a CD or DVD having a file extension of .iso. ISO files are often used by software companies to distribute large programs over the internet such that all the files are neatly wrapped inside a single file. Even a clean install of Windows require an ISO file of Windows 10 need to be download from Microsoft.

There are many ways you can mount an ISO file in Windows 8/8.1/10 OS. Let’s cover all of them in this tutorials.

Mount or Unmount ISO Image File using File Explorer

1. Right click the .iso file and click Mount. or double click the .iso file.
mount ISO file using File Explorer

Open file explorer where ISO file is located and select/highlight it. At the top, click the Manage tab and click Mount.
Mount ISO Image
2. The image file will be mounted in a virtual drive in File Explorer. You can see all the contents of the ISO Image in the newly created virtual drive.
mounted virtual drive
3. To unmount the file, just right click the virtual DVD drive and click Eject.
Unmount ISO

Mount or Unmount ISO Image using Powershell

1. On your Start search menu, type PowerShell,  right click on the result (Windows PowerShell) and run it as administrator.

2. To mount an Image at PowerShell, type the following command and press Enter. (see screenshot below)

Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath “Path of ISO file

Make sure you change the Path of ISO file with the actual path of ISO file where it is located. Not. e: Make sure the location path is inside the quotation.

How to Mount ISO using Powershell

3. Once done, you can see the mounted file in the virtual disc (DVD drive) in File Explorer.

4. To unmount the ISO, type the following command in the PowerShell.

Dismount-DiskImage -ImagePath “Path of ISO file

Replace the Path of ISO file with the actual location of the file.

This concludes the tutorial here. As you can see, it is quite easy to mount or unmount ISO files in Windows 10 or Windows 8 OS. After mounting the Image file, you can view its content and install the software without burning it to an actual DVD or USB.

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