Use Media Creation Tool to Download Windows 10

You can create a copy of your Windows 10 OS by downloading an ISO file directly from Microsoft by using Media Creation Tool. You can clean install Windows 10 (or reinstall) using the Windows 10 ISO file you just downloaded via a USB Bootable drive or DVD.

This Windows tutorial shows you how to use Media Creation tool to download Windows 10 ISO file directly from Microsoft.

Note: We are assuming you have an Official Windows 10 installed on your PC and signed in as an administrator.


  • Official Windows 10 license.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • Sufficient storage of at least 4 GB on Computer / USB / DVD for storing the download file.

Download Windows 10 ISO using Media Creation Tool

Step 1: Visit Microsoft Windows 10 Official page and download the Media Creation Tool by clicking the Download tool now button. (see screenshot below)

use Media Creation Tool to Download Windows 10

Step 2: This will download the Media Creation tool on your PC. Run the tool and click Yes if prompted.

Step 3: Click Accept to agree to Microsoft Software license terms. (see screenshot below)

Microsoft media creation tool

Step 4: Select the second option – Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC and then click Next. (refer to screenshot below)

create ISO file Windwos 10

Step 5: The recommended settings are already set i.e your currently installed Windows 10 OS. Uncheck the box Use the recommended options for this PC if you want to download different architecture, language, and edition. (see screenshot below)

select language, edition, and architecture

Step 6: Now, it asks to Choose which media to use, Select ISO file and click Next.

Select ISO file Windows 10

Step 7: Select the folder where you would like to save the ISO file on your computer and then hit the Save button. (see screenshot for reference)

save Windows 10 iso file

Step 7: It will begin downloading the Windows 10 ISO file. (refer to screenshot below)

Windows 10 iso direct download

Step 8: Once the download is finished, you have two option to select. Click on the file to open the file explorer where you saved the ISO. You can then mount the ISO file to install it directly. However, if your PC is not working properly, you can burn the ISO to DVD or USB Flash drive.

That’s it. You have successfully downloaded ISO file of Windows 10 using Media Creation Tool from Microsoft.

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