How to Set Up Speech Recognition in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with an in-built Speech Recognition that allows you to control Windows 10 with your Voice.

Don’t be surprised if you are not aware of this feature. Windows speech recognition feature was there in the previous versions also such as Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

After setting up Voice Recognition in Windows 10, Windows will listen to your voice and respond to your commands without any need for keyboard or mouse.

This feature can be really helpful for disabled people who have a difficult time using a mouse or keyboard keys.

Control your Computer by voice

Speech Recognition allows users to talk to the computer and get a response to their commands after you set up Windows 10 to understand and recognize your voice.

With your voice, you can give Windows commands to open app or programs, open settings and menus, click icons and objects on the screen, use dictation to convert spoken words and perform other tasks.

You’ll able to do every task with your voice, that you can do with your mouse and keyboard.

Setup up Speech Recognition to control Windows 10 with your Voice

Step #1. Go to start menu and search Windows speech using the search box and open Windows Speech Recognition.

Windows 10 speech recognition

Step #2. Welcome to Speech Recognition pop-up window will open. Click Next

set up speech recognition Windows 10

Step #3. Select the type of Microphone you want to use. Choose from the Headset, Desktop or Other option and then click Next.

Step #4. The next screen will contain information about Proper Microphone placement. Read through it and click Next.

set up microphone

Step #5. Read the on-screen sentence aloud in your natural speaking voice using your Microphone. This will recognize your voice and click Next to continue to the next page.

speech recognition microphone volume

Step #6. Improve speech recognition accuracy by allowing your PC to look into your documents and e-mail. Click “Enable document review” if you’re okay with it otherwise click “Disable document review” if you have privacy concerns. Click Next to continue the setup.

improve speech recognition accuracy

Step #7. Choose an activation mode. With manual activation mode, speech recognition will be turned off when you are being done with it. However, with voice activation mode, speech recognition feature will turn off when you say “stop listening” and will turn on if you say “start listening”. Click Next.

Step #8. Print the speech reference sheet. It consists of lists of commands that can be very useful in case if some parts of the computer are difficult to control with your voice.

speech reference sheet widows 10

Click View Reference sheet to read and print all voice commands. Click Next.

Step #9: At the next screen, you have to choose whether you want to run Speech Recognition feature at startup. Click Next.

run speech recogntion at startup

Step #10: Now, you have set up voice control feature on your computer. If you want to learn and practice the commands, click Start tutorial or you can skip the tutorial.

That’s it. Now you will able to control your computer with your voice by setting up Windows 10 Speech Recognition feature.

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