How to Reset WordPress Password using PHPMyAdmin

This WordPress guide teaches you how to reset a WordPress password using PHPMyAdmin.

If you have lost or forgot your WordPress password, you can reset it easily by using the Forgot Password link on the Login screen. WordPress will then send a “password reset” link to your registered email id and by visiting that link, you can easily change your WordPress password. For better understanding, read this WordPress guide about how to recover a lost WordPress password.

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      However, what if someone hacked your WordPress account and changed its username, email, and password. How would you recover the password in that situation?
      Sit Relax! There is always a way out.

      WordPress users can reset their lost password via the PHPMyAdmin database. Follow the instructions shown below.

      Reset WordPress Password via PHPMyAdmin

      • Login to your WordPress hosting Cpanel dashboard. Go to phpMyAdmin under the Database section.

      open phpMyAdmin from cPanel

      • Click on your WordPress database on the left side.
      phpMyAdmin database

      Note: If you don’t know your database name, look for the database_name in the wp-config.php file.

      define(‘DB_NAME’,  ‘database_name’);  // where database_name – name of the database

      • Now, you’ll see the list of tables. Find and click the table “wp-users” from the list. Note: table name could be different in your database. For me, it is wp0l-users.

      open wp users to change password

      • You’ll see your WordPress username tables. Click on Edit to change its information.

      open worpress table and edit information

      • Under user_pass column, change the function to MD5 and enter the new password inside the value section. Remember to use a case-sensitive password.

      reset WordPress password using phpMyAdmin

      • Click on the Go button at the bottom to save the changes.

      That’s it! You have successfully changed your WordPress password using phpMyAdmin.

      Additionally, if you want to change the username, enter the new user value under the user_nicename field.

      Important: It is recommended to use the MD5 hash as WordPress uses this technology to encrypt passwords.
      Now, you can login to your wp-admin dashboard using the newly created password.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Q: How do I change my WordPress Password?
      A: To change your WordPress password, log in to the wp-admin dashboard. Go to Users > All users. Click on your username, scroll down and click Generate Password. Here, change your password and click Update.

      Q: How do I reset the password if WordPress is unable to send password email link?
      A: In such case, you need to change your password using phpMyAdmin. This tutorial is created for that purpose.

      Q: How do I access my WordPress database?
      A: In order to phpMyAdmin database, go to your hosting Cpanel dashboard. Here, locate Database > phpMyAdmin. Open it and you’ll see the list of database and by clicking on it will open list of database tables.

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