How to Reset your Instagram Lost Password

how to reset Instagram password

Have you forgotten your Instagram password and email? Don’t worry, you can easily reset your Instagram password using your email address, Facebook account or a phone number.

I have mentioned all the 3 ways to recover an Instagram password.

Reset Instagram password with email

  1. Open this password reset page in your web browser to reset your password.
  2. Enter your email or username. Then hit, “Reset Password” button.
  3. You’ll receive an email containing the password reset link. Just click on it. If you don’t see an email in your inbox, check spam folder.
  4. It will redirect you to a page where you can set a new password. Enter a new password.
  5. Click on “Reset Password” button.

Your Instagram password has been reset. Now, login to your Instagram account with your newly created password.

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Reset Instagram Password using phone number

Use your phone number to reset the password, if you don’t have access to the email address you’ve provided to the Instagram.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  2. Go to the login page, here you’ll see Forgot your login details? Get help signing in, just below the Log in button. Tap ‘Get help signing in’ link.
  3. You’ll ‘Find Your Account’ at the top. Enter the phone number linked to your Instagram account. Then, tap ‘Next’.
  4. Tap on “Send an SMS” or “Phone” whatever you’ll see.
  5. Enter your phone number (with country code). Instagram will send a password reset link to your registered phone number.
  6. Open your messaging app, tap the link to reset your Instagram password.
  7. Now, you’ll see your profile image and username. Enter your new password twice.
  8. That’s it. Now, use your new password to login to your account.

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Reset Instagram Password using Facebook

If you have made your Instagram account by logging in via Facebook, it syncs Instagram account with your Facebook account and doesn’t even ask for a password.

Well, you can reset your Instagram password using Facebook, only when you’re using an Instagram app.

  1. Open Instagram app.
  2. Go to the login page. Tap ‘Get help signing in’ link.
  3. On “Find your Account” page, tap ‘Log in with Facebook’ at the bottom.
  4. Enter the new password and tap reset.
  5. Your password will be reset instantly. Next time, when you log in with Facebook, use the new password.

If you have questions, ask me in the comments below.

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