How to order an Uber or Ola Ride without App

book uber and ola without phone

Looking for a way to book a ride online for your favourite Cab service – Ola or Uber? It is definitely possible to use Uber or Ola cab service without using the app. Both of these rides can be booked online with a web browser ( both desktop and mobile ). Ola has an official desktop as well as mobile version website for booking a cab online while to book Uber ride, you need to visit the mobile version site.

Reasons for booking Uber or Ola Online using Desktop and Mobile browser

  • Mobile app keeps on crashing or doesn’t work.
  • Your smartphone isn’t receiving signals. Both apps don’t work without internet.
  • Your phone’s battery is dead.
  • You don’t own a smartphone.
  • Internet data has reached threshold limit.

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Order Uber without App

Uber’s desktop website doesn’t yet support cab booking service instead it only allows users to sign up to drive ( means the website only creates an uber account ) and then shows an Uber app download page to book the ride. But, as I promised above, it is possible to order an Uber ride without a smartphone using the mobile version of the site. Follow the simple process if you need an Uber ride online:

  • On your web browser, go to It leads you to the Uber’s mobile version website.
  • Use location services or type pickup address option.
  • Enter your destination and pickup address and click on Continue.
  • Now enter your mobile number on the next screen, and you’ll receive an OTP for the first time booking. After your OTP is confirmed, driver’s contact information will be shared with you.

Order Ola without Smartphone App

Booking an Ola cab with the desktop PC or a mobile browser involves a simple process. Ola’s desktop website allows you to book a ride with these simple steps:

Important: If you don’t have an Ola App on your smartphone, you can use any browser to book a ride with this method.

order ola cab without app
  1. On your web browser, open the Ola Website –
  2. Fill the box in the left to book a cab. Enter your pickup location, destination and time for pickup-  now or Schedule for later.
  3. Finally, Click on the Search Cabs.

You will see a list of available rides with estimated price details and pickup time. Select the ride whichever suits your need. Now, it will ask you to verify your mobile number in order to select your payment option and complete the booking process.

  • Enter your mobile number and click Next.
  • You’ll receive an OTP (one-time password) on your Cell Phone. Enter it here.

That’s it. Your ride has been successfully booked with Ola Desktop. The next time, you’ll book a ride with Ola, it won’t ask you to sign in or verify your mobile number, as you have already done that before unless you have cleared your browser’s cache.

This concludes the article here. Only Cash as payment mode is allowed while booking your ride with any of these Cab service without smartphone app. Enjoy your ride with Ola or Uber and share your experience in comments.

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