How to Install WordPress on Localhost using XAMPP

This article shows you a step-by-step guide to install WordPress on localhost using XAMPP on your Windows computer. WordPress is a popular Content Management System(CMS) which lets you easily create and design websites without any prior knowledge of coding.

By installing WordPress locally on Windows computer using XAMPP server, you can perform testing and development of a WordPress site locally before moving it to a live server.

Most Web developers use localhost for designing and testing a WordPress website, theme, plugins, etc. And XAMPP allows developers to create a local web server on their computer.

For testing a WordPress site locally, you’ll need a local web server (Apache) and a database (phpMyAdmin) and XAMPP fulfills both these requirements.

Before installing WordPress, you’ll need XAMPP server on your PC. Read this article to learn how to install XAMPP.

Installing WordPress on Local server using XAMPP

Steps mentioned below will teach you how to install WordPress locally on Windows 10 using XAMPP.

Step 1: First, download the latest version of WordPress from It will download a file.

install WordPress on Localhost XAMPP

Step 2: In order to install WordPress on localhost XAMPP, extract the zip file to the htdocs folder of your XAMPP installation directory.

In Windows, it is C: > xampp > htdocs. Unzip the .zip file here. If the zip file is extracted successfully, you’ll see a folder named “WordPress” inside htdocs folder.

Step 3: Now you need to create a database for running WordPress locally. To do so, follow:

  • First, run XAMPP control panel and start the Apache and the MySQL server.
  • Now, go to your browser and visit http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ in the address bar.
  • Click Databases from the top menu bar. Under create database field, enter the name of database “WordPress” and click create button. That’s it. The database is created.
create database for installing WordPress

Step 4: Now, on your browser, visit http://localhost/wordpress/ and select the language. In the next page, you’ll see a screen like shown in the screenshot below. Click Let’s go.

setup WordPress in localhost

Step 5: Fill up the information. Enter your database name which you just created above i.e ‘wordpress’. Username is ‘root’, leave the password blank and the database host is localhost. Leave the table prefix field as it is. Hit Submit button.

install WordPress

Step 6: Once it verifies your database information, click Run the installation on the next page to begin installing the WordPress on your local server.

install WordPress in localserver

Step 7: Now, provide your site title, username, password, and email. Remember your username and password as you’ll need this information to log in to WordPress. Uncheck the Search Engine visibility option to not allow the search engine to index your site as it is not a live site. Click ‘Install WordPress’ button.

Fill WordPress details

That’s it. You’ll see a success message that WordPress is installed. Click ‘Log in’ button to sign in to WordPress. You’ll be redirected to WordPress dashboard where you can edit and customize your WordPress site.

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Steps mentioned above is the simplest way to install WordPress on your localhost server using XAMPP

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