How to Create Windows 10 USB Bootable Drive using Rufus

In this Tutorial, you will learn how to create a Windows 10  USB Bootable Flash Drive using Rufus. Rufus is a windows utility software using which you can format and create USB bootable Flash Drive for any ISO file.

how to use rufus to install windows 10

For this tutorial, I am creating a bootable Pendrive for Windows 10 ISO file so that you can install the OS into your computer. Though you can use ISO image of any version of Windows OS to create a bootable USB Flash drive.

Requirements for Creating Windows 10 USB Bootable Flash Drive

Requirement #1: Windows 10 iso file: If you don’t have Windows 10 ISO disc image, you can download Windows 10 ISO image file using Windows 10 Installation Media tool. Download it from here official Microsoft website Download Windows 10.
Requirement #2: Rufus Tool- Download the software before moving further. Visit Rufus website and download and install the tool on your PC.

Requirement #3: USB Pendrive of at least 4 GB space (depending on the size of ISO file)

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Steps to Create Windows 10 USB Bootable drive using Rufus

Step 1: Connect your USB Pendrive to your Windows PC.
Step 2: Open Rufus as an administrator.
Step 3: Once Rufus is opened, it will automatically detect your USB Flash Drive and File system settings.

how to use rufus to install windows

Step 4: Select ISO image option from the drop-down. Now click on the CD icon next to the drop-down list.

select iso file to create usb bootable drive

Step 5: Now Select your Windows 10 ISO file from your Computer.
Step 6: Press “start”. A warning will be displayed “All Data on Device will be destroyed”. Ignore it, and click OK.

The process will take several minutes to complete depending on the size of the ISO file.

You can also verify your USB drive. To do so, Open your external USB drive and check whether all the files from your Windows ISO file has been successfully copied to your USB Pendrive.

That’s it. Now you have a bootable USB Pendrive for Windows 10. You can use it to install a new copy of Windows 10, perform clean Installation or reinstall Windows 10.

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