How to Create a Privacy Policy Page for Blogger

In this blog post, I will show you how a Blogger users can make a Privacy Policy Page for their blog within few minutes.

privacy policy for blogger
Generally, in Blogger, Privacy Policy Page is not required. But many Ad networks such as Google Adsense look for Privacy Policy page on your site in order to approve your account for their advertising network. Hence, it is important to Create a Privacy Policy for Blogger.

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Importance of Adding a Privacy Policy to your blog

Privacy Policy is a legal disclosure document required on the website, to let users know what information you collect from your user and how you store and use the information provided by the user. Nowadays, Internet users are more concerned about how their personal information is used when they visit your blog. It is good to have an accurate privacy policy page on your website in order to build a trust with your visitors.

Add a Privacy Policy Page for Blogger

There are two steps you need to follow to add a privacy policy page on Blogger.

Step 1- Generate Privacy Policy for your blog.
Step 2- Add the above Generated Privacy Policy to your Blogger blog.

Step 1: Generate Privacy Policy for Blogger

1. Go to Free Privacy Policy Generator to generate a free privacy policy.

2. Fill out all the details such as your Website info, the information you collect from the user. 
3. Checkbox the required field which you are using on your website and leave which you don’t require. Don’t forget to select cookies Checkbox if you are looking to monetize your blog through advertisements or Affiliate links.
4. Copy the HTML code generate for Privacy Policy and paste it into your blog using the below step.

Step 2: Add Generated Privacy Policy Page to Blogger

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard.

2. At the left menu, Click on Pages and create a new page.

3. Write in Page Title- Privacy Policy, Click on HTML next to compose and paste the  privacy policy HTML code generated in step 1. Then, Click Update. You’ve added privacy policy to blogger. Now, you have to show your page on Navigation bar so that it will be visible to the visitors.
4. Go back to Page Section and view URL of Privacy Policy and copy that. Usually, in Blogger, your privacy policy page URL would be like-
5. Now, this is an important step. You have to create a Privacy Policy navigation page at the header of your blog.
6. Go to Theme/Template, Click Edit HTML and add your privacy policy page URL in your Theme. ( See image for Reference )
Tip: Inside Edit HTML, press Ctrl+F and search “menu-item” and place the URL exactly like shown in the below screenshot.
privacy policy to blogger

By adding your Privacy Policy page URL to Theme, as shown above, it will create a Page on the header menu.
That’s it. You have successfully created and published your Privacy Policy Page on Blogger blog.
If you have any problem in performing any steps, ask your questions in the comments box below.

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