How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money

create a free blog on blogger

In this Beginner’s Blogger guide, I will show you step-by-step guide on how to create a blog on Blogger for free by following some easy steps. 

Blogger is a free blogging platform powered by Google. It is a good platform for newbies to start blogging and the best thing is that it doesn’t require any investment. At Blogger, the blogs are hosted by Google as a subdomain of

I will cover following tutorials in this article:

  • How to create Account
  • Choose a theme/Template for your blog
  • Customize Blogger Settings
  • How to Write a post on Blogger
  • How to Add new Pages on Blogger

How to Create Blogger Account

Step 1: Go to Blogger and click on Create your Blog.
Step 2: Sign in to your Google or Gmail account. If you don’t have a Google account, create one before creating a new blogger account.
Step 3: Click on Create new blog, a new window will appear as shown in below screenshot.
Step 4: Choose the Title for your blog which will appear in the header of the blog.
Step 5: In the address field, write domain URL which you want to create for your blog.
Step 6: Now select a Theme for your blog ( you can change later ) and click on Create blog.

create blogger account

That’s it. You have created Blogger account and now have a blog on Blogger. Now, you’ll have to customize your blog.

How to Choose a Blogger Template for your blog

There are two ways you can choose a Blogger Template for your blog.
1. Choose from the wide range of Blogger provided themes. These templates are simple and limited. Most of them are not even Mobile Responsive. So, it is not a good idea to choose from the available Blogger themes for your blog.

2. Upload third party Blogger Templates.

  • Go to Theme and click Backup/Restore at the top right corner.


blogger template for a new blog


  • Click on Choose file to upload the theme which you have downloaded on your computer. You can find free blogger templates on many websites. Just Google free blogger Template and download any free theme. The downloaded theme must have the .xml extension. 
upload template in blogger


Customize Blogger Settings [Important]  

  1. Click on Settings (Basic) and in the description field write the description of your blog. Enable the HTTPs redirect if you want.
  2. Click on the Posts, Comments, and Sharing, In this menu, you can edit your comment settings and Google+ share option (whether you want to associate your profile to Google+ or not).
  3. Now move to Search Preference menu, enable the description and write a short description about your blog (not more than 300 characters).
  4. Now, this is important. Go down below to Crawling and indexing section, here you need to add your blog to Google search console and add a create a robots.txt file which helps search engine to better index your blog.
  5. Adjust the other setting option according to your requirement. 

How to Create new post on Blogger

It is very easy and simple to write the blog posts in Blogger.

  • Login to Blogger account. 
  • Go to Dashboard >> select Posts >> New Post.
  • Enter your Post Title and write the article in the field below. Note: You can switch to HTML mode if you want to embed HTML code in your post.
  • At the right sidebar, choose label for your post (such as if you writing a post on gaming reviews then write your label as game reviews, Games, etc )
  • In the search description field, write meta description of your blog post in brief no longer than 320 words. Click Publish button to publish the post. 


create new post in blogger


How to Add new Pages on Blogger

Adding Pages to your blog is very important. Your visitors will look into different pages you have created which let them spend more time on your blog (i.e pages improve the user engagement ). If you look at some popular blogging website, there is one thing common in all of them i.e they all have created an:

About Page
Contact us Page for blogger

Privacy Policy Page for blogger

Steps for creating a new page in Blogger

  • Login to Blogger.
  • Click on Pages >> New Page.
  • Enter Page Title such as About us and write about your blog in below field.  
  • Click on Publish to publish your page.
Add Pages to the Blogger Sidebar 
  • Go to Layout >> Click on Edit Pages Gadget located at the right side.
  • Select pages which you want your blog to show.
  • Click Save to change the setting.


add pages to blogger sidebar


That’s it from this article. Read more tutorial on Bloggers by subscribing to HowToArticle.

 Important: After creating your blog on Blogspot, it is always advised to keep taking backup of your blog regularly. Please refer to this guide on how to download blogspot blog completely.

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