How to Clear Browsing, Search & Download History in Firefox

Do you want to clear browsing, search and download history of your Firefox browser? If it is so, you have come to the right place.

Mozilla Firefox web browser or (any other browser) stores some information about the sites that you have visited. Firefox records lots of information such as recently visited web pages, download history, password, cache and cookies data. Firefox does so to improve the web surfing experience.

If you look at the Firefox history data by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del from the keyboard, you will find the list of data Firefox stores in the history.

List of data Firefox stores in history:

  1. Browsing and Download History – List of websites you have visited and list of files user have downloaded.
  2. Form and Search History – Firefox saves the information you have entered while submitting a form on a website. Search history is your search keywords in the Firefox search bar.
  3. Cookies – Firefox stores cookies to remember login information.
  4. Cache – Firefox stores cache information such as images, location and other data from the sites you visit to speed up the page load time of the already visited sites.
  5. Active Logins – Firefox saves your login details for sites ( like facebook and twitter) you have asked to remember.
  6. Offline Website Data – Firefox stores website data for offline use if you allow Firefox to do so.
  7. Site Preferences – Site Preferences are the site-specific settings. You can allow displaying pop-ups from a particular website while blocking them from other sites.

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Clear browsing, search and download history on Firefox?

  • Open Firefox browser and Press Ctrl+Shift+Del button from the keyboard to open Clear All history window.
  • Now you need to choose how much history you want to clear from the drop-down menu labeled Time range to clear. Set it to Everything, if you want to clear all the browsing history.

open firefox history
  • Now, click the arrow icon next to Details, and select what history data you want to clear. If you want to clear everything in the history, check all the boxes.
clear all browsing data in firefox

  • Press the Clear Now button, hence the selected options will be cleared and deleted.

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Clear history automatically every time you close Firefox

If you want Firefox to clear your browsing history automatically every time you exit the browser, you can do so by setting Firefox to automatically clear history when Firefox closes.

  • Open Firefox browser and click on the menu icon ( 3-horizontal bars) located at the upper-right corner of the Firefox window and then select Options.
firefox settings

  • Click Privacy and Security option from the left side and go to the History section.
open privacy & security in firefox browser

  • From the drop-down menu, change Firefox will to Use custom settings for History. Tick the checkbox “Clear history when Firefox closes” and then click on the Settings.

clear firefox history automatically

  • Now check all the boxes as shown in the screenshot below and click on OK. 

settings for clearing history

Now each time you exit the Firefox, it will automatically delete complete history. All the changes you have applied will automatically be saved.

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