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Welcome to TechPosts, this article is definitely essential for all the internet users who hate advertisements while surfing the web.
adguard adblocker chrome extension

In case your google chrome browser opens unwanted commercials or display pop-up ads while browsing or downloading some essential stuff from the internet, don’t worry we have an easy and everlasting answer to your problem. Sometimes those ads may be risky or may contain malicious codes. 

Here, I will talk about Adguard AdBlocker, which is the World’s most Advanced google chrome extension for blocking ads. There are many other Ad Blocker available for Chrome but Adguard adblocker stands far better from the rest.

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Features of Adguard chrome extension

1. It is the fastest and lightweight free ad blocker extension for the web browsers. It makes YouTube and rest of the Web Surfing much more enjoyable. 
2. Adguard AdBlocker extension is the best way to get rid of those unwanted, annoying ads on most Web sites including YouTube Video Ads and Facebook Advertisements. It mostly blocks all Ads.
3.  Web pages load faster and save bandwidth because of the removed ads and pop up banners.
4.  Protects your Computer from many malicious codes and phishing attacks (optional).

Is Adguard Chrome Adblocker better than AdBlock or AdBlock Plus?

  • Adguard Chrome Extension is really fast and lightweight as compared to other popular extensions like AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, and Fair AdBlocker app.
  • It can handle anti-AdBlock scripts which help to keep this extension active. That means you won’t have to turn off the Adguard Ad blocker chrome extension anymore to be able to visit the websites that are using these scripts.
  • This Adblocker extension has a better looking and modern Interface.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows OS
  • Macintosh (MacOS)
  • GNU/Linux OS
  • Android ( for browsers that support extension )
  • iTunes

Now you would like to install and use this chrome extension on your browser. Visit the below link for further steps.
How to use Adguard Adblocker extension

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