How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger Blog

how to add google analytic to blogger

So you would like to track traffic stats of your blogger blog? This post shows you how to add Google Analytics tracking id to Blogger blog. 

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google to track your website Traffic, from where visitors are coming and how much time they are spending on your blog.
To monitor your blogger blog traffic you need to add your blog’s URL to google analytics and then add google analytics code or Tracking ID to your blog. 

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How to Setup Google Analytics

  • Login to your Google Analytics Account.
  • Add your blog under Add Website Property. Fill all the necessary details such as account name, website name, URL, category and time zone. 
  • Now click on Get Tracking Id at the bottom.
  • Now Google Analytics will provide the tracking ID for your blog. Tracking ID is unique for every blog.

google analytics tracking id

  • You can also see your tracking code under Admin >> Property >> Tracking info >> Tracking code. Copy the code under analytics.js.

google analytics tracking code

How to Add Google Analytics Tracking ID to Blogger

There are two ways you can add your Analytics Code to Blogger blog
Method 1: Add Google Analytics tracking ID in Blogger.

  • Login to Blogger Dashboard.
  • Under Settings >> Other. You will see Google Analytics. Paste your blog’s Google Analytics Tracking code here and save settings.
add tracking code to blogger

Method 2: Add Google Analytics Tracking Code to Blogger Theme/Template

  • Copy the Tracking code under “script” Tag.
  • Go to Theme >> Click Edit HTML.
  • Place your cursor inside the code. Press Ctrl+F using keyboard and search </head> under search bar.
  • Now Paste the copied Tracking code just above the </head>.

tracking code in blogger template
  • Click on Save theme.

That’s it. Work Done.

As I have mentioned two methods above, there are other methods you will found when you look into your Google Analytics Tracking ID page. But the above methods are the easiest one for adding google analytics in blogger.

Important: If you pasted your tracking code into Blogger Theme, you will lose your tracking code if you update your theme in future. You have to do the same process again. So I will suggest method 1 which permanently adds your Tracking ID to Blogger. 

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