Learn How To Enter Bios Settings on ASUS Laptop

The basic input output system commonly referred to as BIOS, is a small software stored to a flash memory chip in the Motherboard. It is used to perform hardware initialization during the Windows booting process (when you turn on your Laptop ). BIOS is the first “software” that runs when you launch your “Laptop or Computer”.

The BIOS is accessed and configured through the BIOS setup utility. Admin can access the BIOS at startup to :

  • Configure the hardware components. ( Example- Overclocking the CPU )
  • Setting the System Clock
  • Enabling or Disabling System Components.
  • Setting the ‘Boot’ Order.
  • Remove / Create a BIOS password.
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All modern Computer motherboards contain BIOS software. But accessing your computer’s BIOS is a process that differs from system to system. You can access your ASUS laptop BIOS using the access key.

Here , “Learn how to enter BIOS” on an ASUS laptop :
  •  Switch on the Laptop or Restart if already turned on. 
  •  Press “Del” Button when you see ASUS logo appears on the screen. Press Del button  repeatedly until you  see the BIOS screen. 
  • If the PC boots to Windows, restart your laptop and Repeat the above step.   
Reference : ASUS – K55VD

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