Top 13 amazing VLC Media Player Tips and Tricks [ Hidden Features]


VLC Media Player is one of the most popular and widely used media players for PC. It offers many rich features like from playing almost every video format to adding subtitles to your favourite movies and TV Series. Many people still think VLC as a simple video player but it can do a lot more than that if they may know about the hidden tricks inside the VLC Media player.

Table of Contents

  1. Play Youtube Videos
  2. Convert Media Files
  3. Download Subtitle using VLC
  4. Record Desktop
  5. VLC Inception Trick
  6. Record and Capture Videos using VLC
  7. Play Videos as ASCII Code
  8. Free Internet Radio
  9. Manage Podcasts
  10. Record video using Webcam
  11. Rip DVD/Disk drive
  12. Bookmark a Video
  13. Add Watermark on a Video

Unlike other media players, VLC is free of Ads and Spyware. So, you don’t need to worry about the security as it doesn’t track or record the user information. VLC media player is free to download and is available for desktop OS and mobile platforms- Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, IOS, and Android.

Here in this article, I will show you Top 13 VLC hidden Tips and Tricks that are not known to many people.

1. Play Youtube Videos

In VLC, you can play Youtube videos. To play videos, do the following:

  • Open Youtube and copy the URL of the video from the address bar.
  • Open VLC, Select Media from the top and click on Open Network
  • Paste your Youtube video’s URL here, and hit the Play button to watch the video.

2. Convert Media Files using VLC

Did someone tell you before that VLC can be used to convert media files to another format? VLC media player allows users to convert media files to another media format by following these steps:

  • To convert media files, Press Ctrl+R from the keyboard.
  • Click “Add” to add media file from your computer.add-media-file
  • Click on Convert/Save button located at the bottom.
  • On the next screen, select the format you want the file to be converted and hit the “Start” button to begin the conversion.


3. Search and Download Subtitles

VLC allows users to automatically search and download subtitle file for Movies and TV Series. VLC has an inbuilt plugin called “VLSub” Plugin/Extension which allows users to get subtitles without using a third-party plugin.

Install VLSub Plugin from the Tools > Plugins and Extensions. For detailed steps, read- how to download subtitle in VLC.

4. Record Desktop

VLC can also be used to record a video of your Desktop, makes it work like a screen recorder software.  Navigate to Media > Convert/Save. Go to the Capture Device section and choose Desktop from the Capture mode and then click Convert/Save. Now select the desired Profile and the destination file and hit Start button to start recording desktop. Press stop button to stop the recording.

5. VLC Inception Trick


This is an awesome VLC media player magic Trick. This trick lets you capture a never-ending screenshot and shows an inception like effect.

Follow steps to Perform this Trick:

  • Open VLC media player and Press Ctrl+N keys.
  • Type screen:// in the URL space
  • Hit the Play button to start the trick.

6. Record and Capture a Video

VLC media player allows users to record and capture a snippet of a currently playing video.

  • To do so, play a video file in VLC, now go to ‘View’ > ‘Advanced Controls’.
  • More buttons will appear on the screen. While playing video, Click on the red color Record button to record the screen.


  • Press the snapshot button next to the Record button to capture the screenshot of the video.
  • Your video and snapshot will be automatically saved to your system Pictures and Video Folder.

7. Play Video as ASCII Codes

VLC player lets you play a video in ASCII characters. You can use this feature to trick your kids to not let them watch movies. To enable this cool feature, go to Tools > Preference. Click on Video Tab and change the ‘Output’ to color ASCII art video

Hit the save button and now all your videos will be played in ASCII character format. To disable this feature, select ‘Automatic’ under Output.

8. Listen to Free Internet Radios

VLC Player allows users to listen to free internet radios using its inbuilt internet radio listings. Go to ‘View’ menu and open Playlist. At the left sidebar, you will find different Internet radio services.


Click any of them to load the album and start listening free radio.

9. Manage and Subscribe to Podcasts

Using VLC, users can subscribe to their video/audio Podcasts. Go to View > Playlists. Click on the Podcasts option from the left sidebar and click the ‘+’ symbol to add the podcast URL to add it to your podcasts subscription list and hit OK.

10. Record Video using Webcam

VLC media player allows you to record a video using your web camera.

  • Open VLC and go to Media > Open Capture Device.
  • Select DirectShow as Capture mode and choose your video and audio device selection.


  • Hit the play button to start recording video using your Webcam.

11. Rip DVD/disk drive

VLC allows you to rip your DVD into your PC. It will create a backup of your disc drive into your computer

Use VLC to rip your DVD

  • Open VLC and go to Media > Convert/Save.
  • Go to the Disc Tab and choose your desired settings. Make sure you check the No disk menus option.


  • Click Convert/Save button to start ripping the DVD.

12. Bookmark a Video

VLC player lets users bookmark a video so that certain part of that video can be watched later.

How to Bookmark a Video in VLC

  • Play a video in VLC which you would like to bookmark.
  • Go to Playback > Custom Bookmarks > Manage or you can press Ctrl+B.
  • Click on the create button at that part of the video you want to bookmark.

13. Add Watermark on a Video

With the VLC media player, you can add Watermarks on your video without using a video editor software.

To add Watermarks to a video in VLC, follow the steps:

  • Open VLC and play a video in which you want to add Watermark
  • Go to Tools > Effects and Filter.
  • Adjustments and Effects window will open, go to the ‘Video Effects’ tab and click ‘Overlay’.


  • Here, you can add a logo and add a text on your video. Click close.
  • Now use Record your screen method to record and save the video.

That’s it from this article. Hope you liked it. Please share it with your friends and colleague.

Let me know if you know of more VLC Tips and tricks in the comment box below.


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