How To Download Subtitles automatically for movies In VLC Media Player Using VLSub

 Looking for a way to Download Subtitle automatically for movies in VLC Media Player using VLSub? Then this article is definitely for you.

Video Tutorial – How to Download Subtitle using VLC Player

More than thousands of people prefer VLC Media Player to watch movies on their laptops and computers. VLC’s easy to use and simple interface allows you to easily enjoy your favorite movie with your friends.

The benefits of using VLC is that it can play almost every Video Format.: Mp4, FLV, AVI, MKV, AAC to almost every video format. 

VLC is the only media player that can download subtitles file automatically for movies and tv series with the help of an inbuilt plugin. Most People prefer to use VLC Player because it allows users to download subtitles from “” using the Free VLSub Plugin/Extension.

“VLSub” is a free extension that can be found inside the VLC that searches and download subtitle automatically from, right within the VLC software itself.

You don’t have to download subtitles manually because VLSub Subtitle Downloader Plugin will do the job for you.

Follow step-by-step instructions for adding subtitle to any movie:

Note: Before applying below steps, you need to make sure you are using the latest version of VLC Media Player. If not, update it by opening VLC and then click on View —> Check for updates or you can download the latest version of VLC Media Player from the official VLC website.

Steps to Download Subtitles automatically in VLC:

Step 1 – Open VLC media player software. Go to Tools and then click on  Plugins and Extensions.
VLSub Plugins and extensions








Step 2 – Click on “Find more Add-on” button.







Step 3 – Type VLSub on the Search bar to look for VLSub Extension and then click on Install. VLSub extension will get installed in VLC.

Install VLSub in VLC Media Player







Now it’s time to add subtitle file to your movie.
Step 4 -Run VLC and play a movie for which you want to download subtitle.

Step 5 -While Playing movie Go to View and click on Download Subtitles option as shown in the figure below.

Subtitle downloader in VLC using VLSub









Step 6 – Now Click on either [Search by hash] or [Search by name] and the list of subtitles will appear.
Step 7 – Select the subtitle file you want to download and click Download selection button. Now subtitles will appear on your video within few seconds.

VLC Subtitle search Using VLSub









You can also see your movie folder .srt file for your movie is present there.

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If you are having any problem in Downloading subtitles in VLC Media Player using VLSub plugin, feel free to Comment below.

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