How to Buy HostGator Web Hosting for WordPress

Hello everyone, In this WordPress guide, I’ll show you how to buy Web hosting service from HostGator for starting a WordPress website.


If you are looking to start your WordPress website, the first thing you need to do is to buy a reliable web hosting. When it comes to hosting a website or blog, I have always recommended Shared hosting as it is the most economical option for hosting.

Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting company for hosting a WordPress website. It has already hosted more than 9 million domains and offer 99.9% uptime guarantee.

I prefer HostGator mainly because of their Customer service. Their technical team responds to your query within an hour.

This blog – HowToArticle has been running on HostGator for 6 months and haven’t faced a single downtime since then.

In this article, I’ll guide you through simple step-by-step instruction on how to register for HostGator web hosting for a WordPress site.

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Sign up to HostGator Hosting

Step #1: First, go to HostGator homepage and click on ‘Get Started Now’.

Step #2: On the next page, you’ll have to select a hosting plan

Let me cover this in detail (which hosting plan would be best for you?):

HostGator offers 3 different hosting plans – Hatchling, Baby, and Business.


Hatchling Plan – This plan is generally recommended for first time Beginner’s who want to host a single domain.

Baby – It is the most popular plan as it allows you to host multiple websites. I recommend you to go with this plan as you wouldn’t have to pay for hosting if you want to add a new domain in future.

Business Plan – It is mostly recommended for business and big e-commerce related site.

After deciding which plan is most suitable for you, click on ‘Sign up Now’ button to select that plan.

Step #3: Now, register a domain name. If this is your first time starting a website, you’ll have to register a new domain name.


Enter a domain name and check if it’s available. If not, you can opt for other extensions such as .org, .blog, .tech, etc. If you already have a domain, click ‘I already own this domain’. You won’t have to pay for that domain if you have bought it from somewhere else.

Step #4: Confirm your Hosting plan from the ‘Package type‘ option. Most people often make mistake while selecting their Billing cycle. This is an important step in buying an affordable web hosting.

More time period you’ll choose, lesser will be the billing cost.

I suggest you to buy hosting for a duration of at least 2 years. Then, Enter username and security pin as well.


Step #5: Under your Billing information, fill up all the necessary details such as email, name, address, phone number, etc. Provide correct phone number as they may call you for verification. Select your Payment type – Credit Card or Paypal.


Final Step #6: Review your order details and click the ‘Terms of Service’ Checkbox. Proceed to the next page by clicking on the “Checkout Now” button.


HowToArticle is offering two coupon code for HostGator. At ‘Coupon code’ field, add any one of them shown below:

#1. howtoarticle1pennny – If you’re buying hosting for 1 month, add this code. Your hosting cost will be $0.01. You’ll only have to pay for the domain. If you’re hosting an already registered domain then you’re overall hosting cost will be just $0.01. Wow! hosting at just one penny. [Note: Above code will be applicable if your billing cycle is 1 month]

See screenshot below, I have used the above code for 1 month Baby plan for my already purchased domain name. The amount you’d have to pay is 1 cent for hosting.

#2. howtoarticle60 – If you are buying web hosting for more than 1 month, then use this code to get 60% instant discount on your HostGator hosting plan. See screenshot below, I have placed the code for 36 month Baby plan and see the discount I’m getting. Use this code if you’re looking for an affordable web hosting.

Note: Make sure to uncheck all unnecessary add-ons, otherwise, they will just increase the overall purchase cost.

After completing the payment, you’ll be presented with a successful order page. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from Hostgator regarding your successfully purchased hosting order.

After buying hosting, you’ll need to install WordPress on your domain to get started with WordPress.

I hope the steps mentioned above helped you in buying an affordable web hosting from HostGator. If you have questions or doubts, let me know via the comments section below. If you find this article helpful, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus.

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Disclaimer: In this article, I have put some affiliate links to earn some commission from your purchase. Don’t worry it won’t cost you an extra buck.

How to Buy HostGator Web Hosting for WordPress
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How to Buy HostGator Web Hosting for WordPress
This WordPress guide shows you how to buy an affordable web hosting from HostGator.
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