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Welcome to another Blogger Tutorial guide- how to add a logo to your blogger blog. Every website or blog has a logo so it is important to build one for your blog. A logo represents the symbolic identity of your website. Your company’s or website’s identity is visually expressed through its logo.  

Learn how to create a free blog on Blogger

So after designing a logo, you would want to add it on your blog.

Follow below-mentioned steps:

Steps to upload logo to your blog

  • Login to Blogger Dashboard and go to Layout.
  • At layout section, Click on Page Header Gadget.blogger-dashboard
  • Upload your logo here at the image section.add-logo-to-blogger

That’s it, you have successfully uploaded the logo to blogger.

Why Adding a logo important to your Website?

Your logo design represents the symbolic identity of your website. Every company uses a logo to create a visual symbol identity. Customers are more likely to do business with you if you have a well-designed business. Professionally designed logos builds trust.

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