Simple Way to Remove Quick Edit & Wrench Icons in Blogger

Simple Way to Remove Quick Edit & Wrench Icons in Blogger

Not many Blogger users are aware of that Blogger has a quick editing tool icon that lets you quickly edit your post or pages without going to that specific post on the dashboard.

Turn Off Quick Editing Tools or Wrench Icon in Blogger

The quick edit button or wrench icon shows up on the right side of Blogger widget area and at the footer location. With this icon, you can easily make any changes to the widget or completely remove it without going into the layout section in the dashboard.

This quick editing tool icon in Blogger is visible to the Blog admin as well as the visitors but changes can only be done by the admin or author. This wrench icon is a very handy feature for Bloggers but it also has some negative impacts on your site’s SEO, loading speed, and look of your blog.

These quick editing icons are just automatic images showing on your blog and do not have any metadata(alt and title tags) associated with them. So, removing them from your site is a good option.

Turn Off Quick Editing Tools in Blogger

Step #1. On your Blogger dashboard, go to Layout > Blog Posts and click Edit.
Quick Editing Tools Blogger
Step #2. A dialog box will open. Under Post Page Options, uncheck the box next to “Show Quick Editing”.
Turn Off Quick Editing Tools Blogger
Step #3. Click Save and this will turn off the quick editing buttons.

Turn Off Wrench Icon in Blogger

This is another way to hide quick edit icon or wrench icon by adding a piece of code in your Blogger template.
Important: Before doing any changes to your blog’s template, make sure you backup your template so that if anything goes wrong you can roll back to the previous changes.
Step 1. On your Blogger dashboard, go to Theme > Edit HTML.
Edit HTML Blogger Tutorial
Step 2. Place the mouse cursor anywhere inside the code and press Ctrl + F key. A search box will appear on the top-right side and type the below code and press enter.

Step 3. Once you have found the above code, paste the below code just before the ]]></b:skin> line. (See Screenshot below)


remove Wrench Icon in Blogger

Step 4. Save the changes. Click “Hide Warning” before saving the template.

The quick editing tools icon or wrench icon will now disappear from your blog. To add the icon back, just revert the settings you have done.

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